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2 March 2012

Hi there!
Just to let you know, with a new Windows version there's a new 3DTop coming ! Current version works fine on Windows 8 but were trying to improve it even further.

21 April 2011

Here's another version for all of us who like to see some depth on the desktop::
- Improved display of Windows icons in 64-bit version.
- Flashing Windows in the background removed.
- Color depth on some video-card was only 16-bit, should now always be 24-bit.

25 may 2010

There's a new version of 3DTop, May 2010 available at the download page.
- Exit 3DTop menu item added.
- Clicking on 3DTop will put 3DTop on top. Press Esc on your keyboard to put 3DTop on the backgrond again.

25 february 2010

Modernized !

Here it is, 32-bit and 64-bit versions of 3DTop including some modernized plugins, thank you Bones ! Go to the download page to pick up the latest versions.
- use high res shell icons

- mouse wheel support
- enter as new world didn't work correctly anymore. solved.
- when creating a new world with a plugin loaded in the original world, this plugin was removed from the original world.. solved.
- crash during switch worlds due to mouse move. solved.
- removed no-association icon, as windows shell icons are ok now.
- spot focus didn't work anymore. solved.
- first click on color chooser etc wasn't correct. solved.
- many many optimizations , also source-code streamlining.

29 january 2010


Hi there. In a short while you'll be able to use 3DTop with the new high res icons introduced with Vista. But... after all, since 3DTop, we all know that the future of "icons" is 3D and animated. Only people don't know or realize it yet. Eeeh, and you'll have a 64-bit version of 3DTop then also. To beta-test, give us an email:

30 november 2009

Windows 7 issue

When you choose a standard theme (non-Aero) in Windows 7, 3DTop will not draw correctly when another window partly covers 3DTop. It's unclear if this a specific driver issue, we found this problem to appear at least on 1 system here with an Intel Q45/Q43 Express chipset. Solution for now is to use an Aero theme until we find out what causes the problem. If you have a system that works fine with a standard theme please let me know at

11 november 2009

3DTop updated !

A new version is uploaded here. 3DTop movements are now smoother due to the increased frame-rate (used to be 25, is now 50) . Nowadays there's not much need anymore to take slow computers into account. So we increased the framerate to 50.

31 march 2009

Important news for developers:

7 february 2008

New Import3D plugin is uploaded which solves some issues with long path-names.

24 december 2007

Work on 3DTop had to wait until next year at the least. Some new features are already in the pipeline, ahum, head. In the meantime, if you're into blogging, and especially mobile blogging, you might be interested in this new wordpress plugin the Luci-team made.

13 april 2007

This year we might find some time to start working on 3DTop again. 3DTop is still going strong, thanks to all the 3DTop fans out there !

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