The Robot is the object (sorry about the insult little dude) that is going to help you change more than one object, cutting/copying/pasting files, moving multiple objects or any other task that it can help you with in the future.

To do that it can attach itself with an Energy-beam (tractor-beam) or strap to another object by clicking on this object with the left mouse-button while you have the Ctrl-key of your keyboard depressed. If you "Cut" a file of the desktop you will see a little scissor in the attachment and if you "Copy" a file the tractor-beam will stream towards the robot instead of the default, away.

When you move the robot , all attached objects will move with it. The attached objects can then still be moved seperately.

The robot has the following popup menu items:

- Release icons.
With this the attached objects are de-attached.

- I'll follow you.
This is the ideal thing for moving objects across great distances. When you check this item the robot will follow you wherever you may go, including the attached objects. It is still possible to move the robot (and with it the attached objects) but when you move again it jumps back to the place where it was before you moved it. This is to ensure that it stays visible because it is possible to move an object outside the visible range. This safety-precaution is also the reason why when 3DTop starts the robot wil always NOT be in this mode.
In this mode the attached objects can also still be moved seperately.

- Hide automatically.
Checking this will hide the robot when no object is attached to it.

- Attach via Energy-beams.
As explained above.

- Attach via straps.
As explained above.

- My face looks like...
This is another way of saying that when you choose this you can load a bitmap that is wrapped around the robot.
Below you see the default bitmap that 3DTop uses. As you can see only a small, middle, portion of the bitmap is visible. This is due to the wrapping of the bitmap around the sphere which distorts the bitmap a little bit also.

- Hide my name.
With this you can hide the name you give to the robot.

- Change my Name...
You can give the robot a name with this item. This name will be used in other menu-items where the robot is referred .


Multiple selection, extra menu-items.

When you have more than one object attached, an extra menu-part will appear on the right side of the standard one. This menu will enable you to do things on all of the attached objects:

- Cut.
This will cut all objects that represent files, to the clipboard, ready to be pasted in another directory.

- Copy.
This will copy all objects that represent files, to the clipboard, ready to be pasted in another directory.

The four standard shape-items with which you change the shape of all the file-objects.
- Poster
- Cube
- Pyramid
- Sphere

- "Un"moveable.
Make all objects "Un"moveable.

- Moveable.
Make all objects moveable again.

- Hide names.
Hide all the names.

- Show names
Show all the names again.

- Delete all, no questions asked.
Speaks for itself. Files will be moved to the recycle bin.