A Plug-in behaves as normal object but can in fact be a complete application that runs independently and presents itself to you, the user, inside 3DTop. To start a plug-in you either double-click on the dll-icon or you choose "Start plug-in" from the mainmenu.

In most cases, if you right-click on the plug-in you will see a normal pop-up menu with the following items:

- Grab this.
A little robot will attach itself to the object. This way you can select(grab) several object at the same time and do things on all of them at the same time.

- "Un"moveable.
When you select this, the object can not be moved anymore by clicking on it with the left mouse-button and dragging the object. All other functions remain working, so you can actually still move the object by grabbing it and moving the robot, hence the "Un".

- Spinning.
Each object can spin around it's rotation axis by choosing this function. You'll notice that the mouse-pointer changes its shape into a left/right arrow, this means that by moving the mouse left or right you change the speed of spinning. When you are content with the speed you've chosen, press the left-mouse-button once and the icons keeps spinning with this speed. If you would like to cancel the whole operation press the right mouse-button once.

- Reload on Startup.
If you check this one, the plug-in will be reloaded when 3DTop is started again and positioned on exactly the same spot where it was the last time.

- Delete.
This will delete the plug-in from 3DTop. No warning will be displayed.


Important: some plug-ins will not show this menu, this is the choice of the programmer of the plug-in. Usually the accompanying plug-in documentation will mention in what other way you can see this menu.