Flags are objects that do not belong to a particular file, they are known internally to 3DTop only. They act as markers for you, and enable you to quickly go to a particular view-point (position). If you create a flag, the position of your view-point at that time will be the position you go to when you select to go to a flag, so the flag-position is not the same as the position that you go to . This enables you to place the flag in a position where it doesn't disturb you.
It has the following popup-menu items:

- Focus on this Object.
Whatever way you move, this flag will always stay in the centre of the screen. Nice for when you're placing flags or you want to look at an object from all angles, with the cursor-keys you can actually walk around it very easily.

- Grab this.
A little robot will attach itself to the object. This way you can select(grab) several object at the same time and do things on all of them at the same time.

- Goto Flag "...".
If you select this you go to the position belonging to this flag.This is the same as pressing the key on the keyboard that corresponds with the first letter of the name of the flag: the short-cut key.

- Set speed-limit only for Goto Flag "...".
If you always want to move slowly or very fast to this flag, you can set a seperate movement-speed with this item.

- Use global speed-limit.
If you don't want a seperate speed for movement to this flag, check this.

- Replace to-go-to position with current position.
This will replace the to-go-to position belonging to this flag with the position that you're currently at.

- Spinning
Each flag can spin around it's rotation axis by choosing this function. You'll notice that the mouse-pointer changes its shape into a left/right arrow, this means that by moving the mouse left or right you change the speed of spinning. When you are content with the speed you've chosen, press the left-mouse-button once and the icons keeps spinning with this speed. If you would like to cancel the whole operation press the right mouse-button once.

- Imploding.
Works the same as spinning but makes the icon Shrink&Grow automatically.This function makes use of the same code as Spinning, so you can either have an icon Spinning or Imploding, but not both at the same time.

- "Un"moveable.
When you select this, the object can not be moved anymore by clicking on it with the left mouse-button and dragging the object. All other functions remain working, so you can actually still move the object by grabbing it and moving the robot, hence the "Un".

- Flapping
Each flag can move like when it's windy. You'll notice that the mouse-pointer changes its shape into a left/right/up/down arrow, this means that by moving the mouse left, right , up or down you change the way it moves. left/ right is for respectively decreasing and increasing flap-speed, up/down is for respectively more or less flapping-amplitude.

- Choose color.
This means that with this function you can change the color of the flag. If you choose this you'll see a new object on your screen that is attached to the light you're editing: the "color-chooser". This object allows you to choose the color of the flag by clicking with the right mouse-button in the cube. Notice that you can rotate the cube also, this will allow you to choose from every color of the spectrum. Underneath the color-cube you'll see a strip that allows you to set the brightness of the color you've chosen, use the right mouse-button here also. When you're done deselect "Choose color" in the menu to remove the color-chooser.

- Hide name.
Checking this will hide the name.

- Rename.
This will popup a small window that enables you to change the name of the flag. If you're done with typing in the new name and you are content with the result press "Return" or "Enter" on your keyboard. If you would like to cancel the whole operation press "Esc" on your keyboard once.

- Delete.
This will delete the flag from 3DTop. No warning will be displayed.